A Frida Kahlo Jewelry Box

by thecraftaholic

It’s actually fitting that I just finished making a jewelry box with the image of Frida Kahlo on it, considering Frida Kahlo wore so much fun jewelry. Here’s what I made:

I LOVE this. This box was sent to me by Stampboard, along with ink and things. I LOVE this.

Stampboard has these lovely inks, and I blended some blue, yellow and green to make this lovely turquoise color which I applied using a brayer.

The rhinestones are (I think) from a past kit, from the Sampler.

I painted the sides and stuff with a turquoise paint from Plaid Crafts.

You like it? The funny thing is that I had made this with the intention of selling it, but alas, I decided to keep it. I like it too much, and I’m all out of rhinestones. I can make one like this for you, with glitter instead of rhinestones, if you are interested.


The Craftaholic

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