Another Lucky Cat

by thecraftaholic

Today I made a jewelry piece, and actually really love it a lot. I used this cute little lucky cat from my jewelry supply stash.

Cute, right?

The turquoise beads are actually from a vintage necklace that I bought at a stoop sale (the NYC version of a garage sale). Then I used some wood beads in between. I like this piece a lot.

As a matter of fact, when I was describing it to my husband, I actually used the word “dope” to say how cool I thought it is.

What else? Hmm. Well, I’ve been writing a lot. It’s the NaPoWriMo month, so I’m writing a poem a day. I’m not really posting them all, but here and there a few of them get posted on my personal facebook page.

Wow, and here’s a fact for you. My daughter is turning four in May. I better get started on her birthday party. Wow. Any ideas out there?


The Craftaholic

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