A Pretty Little Shrine

by thecraftaholic

So I made a trip to the Ink Pad recently, over in manhattan. This of course, was my downfall. I ended up with four new stamps, and a few fun little things to play with.

With a shrine stamp that I bought, I made this little matchbox shrine.

Nice, right? I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stamp. This one is by Stamper’s Anonymous and I LOVE it. I stamped it on watercolor paper that I had painted with shimmering watercolors that I make myself. Then, I took a matchbox, and covered it in paper and glued it to the back. Then, I rifled thru my odds and ends and found this lovely beaded little girl.

I like this stamp a lot. I think for Xmas, I may end up making a bunch of shrines.

Oh, and as for the lot of rubber stamps? I had to go through my stash of rubber stamps and de-stash. I de-stashed over 50 SETS of rubber stamps, and was left with about 70 sets of rubber stamps, and at least over 100 individual stamps. I prefer the style of rubber stamps that I’ve been buying/using lately. So that’s why I had to de-stash. I’m giving them to my friend Yoshi, who just recently got into paper crafts, and even just bought a sizzix big shot. So the lot of 50 stamps will go to good use, I think. I could sell them, but that is just a hassle. I’d rather reap good craft supply karma, and give them away. You know?

So that’s that.

The Craftaholic

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