Rest in Peace, Liz Taylor

by thecraftaholic

So here’s another item of interest. I made (suprise) a pair of earrings. As an FYI, of all the jewelry items, I wear earrings the most.

Today, I made a pair as a tribute to Liz Taylor.

These earrings can of course, be yours, provided you purchase them from my shop.

Click HERE to purchase.

What else? Not much to tell, actually. I’ve been quite busy the past few weeks. Seriously, I need to make an appointment just to take a long hot bubble bath.

And not to be a total tease, but in a three or so weeks, I may just have a fun announcement to share with you all. But I’ve got to find out for sure, and then I’ve got to tease you for a bit, to make sure it “sticks”, as it were.

And that’s that.

The Craftaholic

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