I Cannot Get Enough of Frida

by thecraftaholic

Between her, little owls, and Buddhas, I love them all in design. Here’s a pair of earrings I recently made, for sale in my shop.


I like these. I almost don’t want to part with them. But they are for sale in my online shop, so if you want them, they can be yours.

What else? Meh. Not much. I’m making Chocolate Chip Hazelnut cookies this week, and I bought some toffee chips, so I’m throwing those in there too. Oh man. I LOVE toffee. Anyone out there in England that reads this blog? I’d love a nice batch of English toffee. Seriously.

You know what else I’d love? I’m thinking that next year I want to go visit my cousin in Colombia. My mom is Colombian, and I have family out there. Specifically, I have a cousin that I’ve always kept in contact with via mail and now email and facebook. But I’ve always wanted to go to Colombia. So maybe next year. If I don’t set goals for myself, I end up not doing it. I have to have deadlines and assignments and goals, or else I get so scatterbrained that I forget.

As a matter of fact, as a kid, I’d write poetry in such messy handwriting, because I’d write it so fast, so that I’d not forget the line in my head! LOL, oh brother.


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