Marilyn and Frida

by thecraftaholic

So here’s more jewelry items. Today, I made some shrink plastic photo transfers, for jewelry pieces I plan on selling in my online shop. I made some Marilyn Monroe, and some Frida Khalo pieces.

You like them? The fridas have a loop at the bottom, for stringing beads or attaching some jewelry goodness to them. I like these a lot. I can’t wait to make jewelry with them!

I am going to be working on some paper stuff this week though. I need to make samples for another class. And some embroidery work, because I need samples for that too.

Woohoo, it does feel good to be busy! It’s nice to be so busy with sample making (for workshops, or design work for companies) that I can’t do so many swaps. I love that.


The Craftaholic

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