Pretty Little Crocheted Flowers

by thecraftaholic

Here’s a bit more pink for you. I made a pair of crocheted flower earrings, from some ribbon yarn that I crocheted. I don’t know what pattern I used because I made it up, but I’m sure someone has it somewhere, and has claimed to have invented it.

Cute, right? All you do is make a little crocheted flower, and then add the earring hook to it.

You’re probably noticing now that I’ve been posting a lot of jewelry work lately. Hubs and I had been dealing with some stuff, and then he had vacation last week, which means less art time, and less computer time for me. So then, jewelry work is great, because it’s a quick little project for me.

That’s all I guess. Not much more to say, really. I’ve been walking a lot through the city. Boy, I can’t wait for the summertime. Or at least spring. I cannot stand this much cold weather.


The Craftaholic

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