I’m NOT afraid of pink

by thecraftaholic

That is the title for today, because I’m going to unabashedly tell you that yes. I like pink. I do. Perhaps it’s the influence of my daughter, but I really like pink.

I say this, because I made a pair of earrings that involve a bit of pink.

You like it? It’s cute, right?

That’s all for today. A pair of earrings, made while I was at a friend’s house, relaxing. Life is hard sometimes, and friends are the family we choose in our life. Why do those statements go together? Because. It’s good to surround yourself with a person you know and care about. Someone who knows you, and will listen to you, and not tell you one way or another which way to go.

Anyway, you all do not make enough comments. I’m starting to feel like my work sucks or something. LOL. No serious. I want some comments people. Tell me what you think of my work, come on!


The Craftaholic

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