Shrink Plastic Photo Transfer Jewelry

by thecraftaholic

Yesterday I held a workshop, teaching folks how to make photo transfers on to shrink plastic. It was such a hit! This was a repeat class, and it always is a hit. Here’s a photo of my jewelry creations:

Cute, right? These are clip art images from alphastamps.

Frida. Of Course. I love this pair a lot.

I love doing photo transfer on shrink plastic, truly. What else? Meh.

Oh, I coincidentally ran into an old friend of mine from my church days as a kid. Oh man, it was something wild, running into her. I ran into her when I truly needed to be around someone who knows me better than anyone else does. If anyone knows me, Letisha does. It was so great, she is the same old Letisha, and I am the same old Diana. Some things never change.

Speaking of change, I was at my friend’s house yesterday, I realized I hate change. I do. I hate it. You know, Sagitarians usually love change. But I have a taurus rising, which means I hate it. Detest it.

But what are we afraid of, when we are afraid of change? What are we closing off?

Sometimes the scariest thing is the thing you need the most: change.

So embrace change some times. Don’t be afraid of it (this from a woman who hasn’t cut her hair in 8 years).


The Craftaholic


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