A New Wishbook

by thecraftaholic

All the recent changes in my personal life led me to want to create  a new wishbook.

What is a wishbook? It’s sort of like a scrapbook. It’s a book that I create to hold pictures, papers, writings, and things that personify what you want in your life. I’ve made a few of them, and they are a lot of fun. So I made a new one.

I used items from the Sampler Kit, that I receive each month. The ribbons, the letters, and the glittery paper is from last month’s kit. Pretty, right?

I plan on filling it with all sorts of fun things that personify what I want in life. Not just pictures, mind you; This book is an envelope book, so there’s plenty of pockets for filling it with all sorts of fun little things. I’m a paper pack rat, so that is why I love books with pockets.

On a personal note, I’ve decided to go back to my vegetarian ways. I was a vegetarian for 13 years. Recently I found that meat just grosses me out. It is rather sudden, since I do like a good burger. But I can’t, it actually grosses me out. It’s a strange thing, but I’m taking it like a sign, that the universe would rather me be a vegetarian. So I’m going back to that.

Got any vegetarian recipe sites or blogs to recommend to me?

The Craftaholic

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