Mohair Crocheted Flower

by thecraftaholic

So here’s the last piece of the swap. I made a sort of avant garde, oversized hair clip for my “Anthropologie” themed swap partner.

Anyway, that is that. I don’t have a pattern, because I kind of made it up. It’s just a crocheted strip that I rolled up and sewed together. But I’m sure there is a pattern out there, somewhere.

I made one for myself, also. A lovely shade of blue, because blue is one of my favorite colors, along with purple.

It’s Saturday. A few days ago, I went to the Martha Stewart show taping. I was in the audience. I love Martha Stewart, she totally inspires me. Today, I have a learn to crochet workshop at my lovely gravesend (Brooklyn) apartment. I’m baking banana almond muffins just for them. And good strong coffee. Gotta have that.

The Craftaholic

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