The F Train Shawl

by thecraftaholic

I finished that star swap I mentioned a few days ago. Here’s another item I made for her. I made a shawl for her, and crocheted a couple of stars onto it.

I call it the F train shawl, since I started and finished it all, while sitting on the F train going to and fro.

I added fringe even though I honestly detest adding fringe. And that’s the star there. Oh be quiet, it does TOO look like a star.

So that is that. I’m working on a few things for some workshops and such coming up. And hopefully in April, I will going away to visit some friends in Rochester. That will be fun. What else? Meh. Not much to report.

It’s a rainy day in Brooklyn, and all is rather quiet. It’s a day of art making, poetry writing, and playing with my little one today.

The Craftaholic

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