Inspiration Thursday

by thecraftaholic

“Make friends with those who are good and true, not with those who are bad and false.”

-The Buddha

In spanish there is a saying that says, “tell me who you walk with, and I will tell you who you are”.  It means to say that the company you keep tells a lot about who you are. Not to say that you are just like your friends. But think about it for a minute. Your friend is the person that you go to for advice, to have fun, to be with, and the person you go to when you are down, etc. So this person should be, as the Buddha said: a good and true person.

I learned throughout the years that not everyone has the best intentions for you. This of course, does not mean that you’re going to just not trust anyone. As with finding a mate, you should approach friendship with a bit of finickiness. You know?  Surround yourself with people who have what you want, many aspects. Look for someone that can enlighten you a bit more, a person who understands your madness, and will not judge you.

Seek out the wise, if you seek wisdom.


It’s a complex thing, I think. Women complicate things a lot, also. It’s true. We tend to over analyze, pick at, and compete with our friends, and become jealous of each other. Jealousy has no place in any relationship, neither does competition. Or cattiness.

Personally, I hate competition. And who likes jealousy? Not me. I tend to run far away when I notice those things. I am anything but catty. And I don’t believe in competion. A true artist has no need to compete. Your belief in your talent should be enough. There should be no need whatsoever to compete with someone you call a friend.

In friendship, keep things mellow. Relax. It’s not all about you and your silly emotions. It’s about you and this other person uplifting each other. So choose to surround yourself with people who will uplift you, not hurt you.

A relationship is doomed when the other person chooses to constantly hurt the other person.

Another thing is, make sure you are being uplifting, and not just drowning your poor friend with all your struggles and worries. I know it can be difficult to see the light in the times when you are most down, but try to always be an uplifting  source to those around you, and you will never have to worry about being uplifted.

So in relationships, always surround yourself in light and love. Surround yourself with what you seek, and you will find it inside yourself.

People in New York are funny in relationships. They are….distant in a way. Always scurrying to and fro, scrambling around trying to get things done, and meet their goals or deadlines. But I’ve found that it doesn’t matter. I have a friend who is  (suprise) a taurus. If you know me personally, you’ll know that I sort of collect tauruses. Not on purpose. They kind of find me. Anyway, I rarely get to see this girl. Once or twice every six months, if that. But every time we see each other, it’s like no time has passed. She’s uplifting, and even when I unload my burdens to her, it’s still a “light” experience. It’s cool being around her.

I just think it’s important to think of what your goals are, and surround yourself with people who are going to encourage you to do your best. You know?

I mean, I’m no expert or anything. I’m just speaking from what I’ve learned.

The Craftaholic

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