Hopes and Dreams Take Flight

by thecraftaholic

So I’m not so much into Valentine’s day really. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love getting gifts, believe me. But eh. I feel like love can be celebrated any time of the year. Maybe some people need a holiday to remind them of what they have. But I believe in celebrating love every day.

That being said, I did make something for my husband for Valentine’s Day. I made a little inspiration shrine for him.



The picture is a little crappy, due to my having to take the picture on my phone, and then email it to myself due to my silly computer problems.

What do you think?

The jar in the middle is from a rubber stamp, of course. And it contains your hopes and dreams. On each edge, there are two butterflies, which represent your dreams taking flight. So this piece is entitled, “Hopes & Dreams take flight”.


The Craftaholic

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