Painting with Daughter

by thecraftaholic

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going out for some art supplies with an old friend of mine, Sheena. After that, I felt so inspired, I remembered what Martha Stewart told me when I went to the Martha Stewart show-she told me kids want to be creating every day.

In general, my daughter does make some sort of creative mess every day. Anyway, I had bought some paper mache houses, and decided to paint them with my daughter. But Dakota did most of the work, actually. Here’s a few pics of our painting session:

She’s such a ham.

In action.

And here’s the finished work. Cute, right? It looks cool actually. I like it. I taught her how to mix colors. She LOVED doing that.

We had so much fun! And again, I really like this. Not just for a three year old’s art, but in general it’s really cool. Don’t you think?

The Craftaholic

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