Collage Books with friends

by thecraftaholic

The other day I taught a book binding workshop, where we made some collage art books that were hand bound. Here’s a few shots of the event.

That’s Michelle. You know she’s been coming to my workshops since I first started? I remember when it was just me and her sometimes!

A table full of fun collage art supplies. We worked with vintage dictionary paper, rubber stamps, and scrap book paper that I desparately needed to de-stash. Oh, and magazines of course.

Here’s what we all ended up with:

Mine is the one on the right. I’m not finished with it, but that’s that.

I hope that I can meet more of you soon!

What else? Hmmm. I’ve been in the mood for cheesecake lately. I think I’m going to make some this weekend. YUM. It’s so good. It’s an old printed recipe from the food network. SO good.

And guess what? I finally got a cell phone. YES. I really did. I have already had about five text message conversations and quite frankly feel like a member of the FBI or some such.

I love technology and don’t like it. I feel like we become drones, the more time we spend on the computer. Perhaps it is nessesary for us to unplug. True, for those of us who work from home, it can be difficult to do this, but the truth I feel like we spend more time online than we do meeting up in person. You know?

Nevertheless, I am happy to have a phone, so I don’t have to bother looking for pay phones which in New York City is quite a feat in itself (since most of them don’t work).

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