My thoughts on meetup, and other things

by thecraftaholic

I’ve always been crafty and creative. I grew up writing poetry, as a way to escape the abuse I was going through at home. I started doing collage work and “mixed media” when I was in middle school.

Shortly after my daughter was born, I decided I wanted to bring more crafty people together. I realized how much art and creativity had helped heal me so much, that I wanted to inspire others to get out, meet other people, and be creative. So I started a craft group, on

I’ve been organizing meetups for three years now, and have been very happy and lucky to have met some really great people and good friends.

True, some people are nuts that you meet, but not all.

I’ve been lucky to have what is now over 600 members. I worked hard to get my group to where it is, where I am able to host workshops, and fun low cost or free events. It’s been a fun trip.

Unfortunately, has changed their layout to where it is not only unpleasing to look at, but truly tacky and cheap looking. These changes that they implemented affects the way I organize events, since a picture is needed for each event. Now, there are no photos. And by default now, anyone can go in and organize an event. If this is so, why should I bother paying the monthly subscription fee?

If you go to and search #newmeetup you will find a plethora of meetup organizers that are all unhappy with these cheap and unpleasant layout changes that make it difficult for the hard working meetup organizer to organize events. Now, instead of a simple yes or no, I get a cute little “Jane Doe said their going” or “Jane Doe said their not going”. Just give me what I paid for. I didn’t pay for cute. I paid for a meetup group where I can organize a calender and member list.

At any rate, I have taken off my subscription. My payment is due 2/20 and if their are no changes before then, I will be deleting the group. I’ve made a switch over to which is also a subscription service, but looks a lot more worthwhile, since I can change the layout myself if I choose. Plus it’s a new year, and what better then to try something new.

I invite you crafty people to join my Ning page. I’ll be hosting swaps, and virtual workshops along with managing my calender of events, where you can choose to go my workshops and stuff in person.

Anyway, that’s that. I also have a facebook version of the group, but the future home of my craft group, will be Ning, unless meetup chooses to see the light.

Read more about the meetup changes here and to find alternatives to, go here.


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