Inspiration Thursday

by thecraftaholic

There’s no quote today, because today’s post comes inspired solely by me and my latest struggles.

It’s been snowing a lot lately. The pictures above, were taken from my window. I’ve lived in the NY/NJ area all my life, and I should be used to snow. And I am. But it truly has been snowing alot.

Today, I want to talk to you about boredom. Boredom and lack of inspiration usually go hand in hand. Some people tell me, that being “The Craftaholic”, there should be no reason for me to be bored, especially with a little one. But even I get bored. Mostly I’m bored of it snowing so much (because I love to go out and walk around the city, and gain inspiration from what I see around me), but I am also just….bored in general.

It’s okay though, to be bored. It’s okay to feel blocked and bored, and annoyed sometimes. Allow it. I grew up in a religion that never allowed for a person to just feel what they where feeling, not if it was negative. But you know….awareness comes from actually being aware, and actually sitting down, and saying, what the heck. Why am I bored. Why am I annoyed. Why do I feel so blocked.

If you feel these things, write about them. Write or draw in your journal about why you feel these things, or why you think you feel these things.

For me, you know…my inspiration to create comes from city life, from looking at the people walking around, the way they dress and the accessories they use, the items they carry with them, and the things I see for sale in stores (that I know I can make myself). So the snow itself can be quite annoying, as I cannot get to my source of inspiration! LOL!

The thing with being blocked is that you are normally prompted to seek within, for the deeper reason. In my experience, being blocked comes from a deeper place. When you’re blocked, or bored, or uninspired, just allow yourself to be so. it’ll pass. In the meantime, write. If you have to write on the page, I AM BORED, do it.

Allow yourself to feel bored. Allow yourself to feel whatever you’re feeling. It’s not true that only boring people get bored. Actually the reverse is true, if you think about it. Interesting people are this way, because of the boredom. It makes me want to do more, become more, and achieve more.  Allow the dark places in your life to be. Ask yourself why they are there, and then write or draw about it. Picture what it looks like. What does the darkness look like? What do your struggles look like? If you were to picture your struggles, and what you’re feeling, what would it look like? Allow that to motivate you. Make an altered book, or mixed media about it. Create YOUR art of YOUR design with this picture in your mind.

Boredom happens to all of us. I frankly, am getting really tired of all this snow. I want to go out and walk around the city, and go to museums, and have a coffee at starbucks with my little one drinking sips of her apple juice, while I people watch. That’s what give me inspiration. People, and the city of New York. I love it here. I really do.

I do have to say though, that lately I have been cooking up a storm. So that’s a bonus. But being bored is not a bad thing. It happens to everyone. Allow yourself to feel bored.

In the dark places is where the pheonix bird rises from, isn’t it? It’s from the ashes. From the soot. And boredom isn’t all bad, really. It’s just the universe telling you to pay attention to something greater in your life. Take a long bath. Maybe you are overworking yourself. Maybe you need time for you.

I am sending you: permission to be bored and/or uninspired. You have my permission! Let it be.


The Craftaholic


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