Crocheting, No Matter What the Weather

by thecraftaholic

It’s freezing cold in New York City. I mean it is really, really cold. Despite that, I held a crochet workshop in my place, with a few folks from my craft group. Here’s some shots of us in action.

My daughter had to sneak in the shot. Yes, she’s playing with my ball winder.
We had fun, can’t you tell? It was so nice, being surrounded by lovely creative people, doing what I love: inspiring others to create, and teaching them something new.
Anyway, that’s that.
My neighbors are from Mexico, born and bred, and made some dinner for us tonite. It was so good. They make the best guacamole! It’s damn spicy, but it is SO good. I didn’t care that my mouth was on fire, that was the best pork taco I ever had.
The Craftaholic