POEM: Questions my daughter asks me

by thecraftaholic

I’m writing a poem today, because I’ve been on a poetry kick. Don’t worry, I won’t forget about today’s inspiration thursday.



questions my daughter asks me:

why am I a woman

what makes me a woman

why am I a “mommy”

and I tell her:

daughter I was born a woman

with a female body

and the mind of a woman

and hips

and with the power

to carry life inside me

questions my daughter asks me:

why do I make art

why do I write

how do I know how to sing

like a bird

And I tell her:

I make art to escape the world

I write poems to become a part of the world

and I sing

because I can.

questions my daughter asks me:

she asks me

why is Tio Johnny in the grass?

why is your abuela in the grass?

and I tell her:

a long time ago, the universe took my brother Johnny away from me

my hero

my big brother

the one who smiled and the room lit up

and one day

before I formed a life on my own

my grandmother

my abuela

the only REAL mother I had

she left me

while I sang to her, her favorite pentecostal hymns

while she, surrounded by light

surrounded by her offspring

she breathed her last breath

questions my daughter asks me:

mommy why did I grow in your belly?

why did you push me out?

how was I born?

and I tell her:

you grew in my belly from the greatest love in the world that I had

and I pushed you out

into a room filled with superstitious red candles and

old jazz music

and one doctor telling me to push

and you were born

from the greatest love within me

children are born from love

from the greatest primal source between two people

and they come into the earth

to teach us what it is

to truly love another