Inspiration Thursday

by thecraftaholic


“Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success.”

Napoleon Hill

Worst than having a dream, is not having gone forth and pursued it, in fear of failure. What are we really afraid of?

Our failures in life….they teach us. Or rather, they SHOULD teach us. Instead of looking at a project, and thinking that it has simply failed, you should take the situation and access it. Think of it. What can you learn, what can you do differently? How can you evolve?

Our failures teach us this. Or rather, they should teach us this. That is what they are there for. To teach us.

We all have goals in our life…dreams that we wish to accomplish. And we can accomplish them. If anyone can, you can. All we do is make excuses. We make excuses in the name of failure and the fear of it. We make excuses, rather than pursue our goals and our dreams.

Then years later, we look our life: an empty table. A blank slate. We made excuses for years as teens in the name of rebellion, and failed parenthood. We make excuses in the name of heartbreak. As adults we make excuses in the name of responsibilities, children, spouses….

We are a people filled with excuses.

Create your life NOW as YOU see it, not as someone else sees it. As an adult with a child and a life, I can tell you it is hard to think of your ultimate goals and dreams. I know it. But try. Ask yourself: what do I want? Where do I see myself headed?

Write these things in your journal and see what you come up with.

Then, no excuses.

As I tell myself sometimes: get in touch with your inner taurus. I say this because I’m into astrology a bit, and tauruses are nothing if not focused and stubborn like big old mules. And as my mother in law says, “sometimes in life, you’ve got to be selfish”. You’ve got to be selfish enough to want your goals, no matter how many children you’ve got, or what kind of job you have, or your spouse. Want it. Crave it as only a woman pregnant craves food. Then go for it. Focus on it, and don’t let anything stop you or waiver you. You can do it.

I’ve gotten to the point where I am in life, all with taking care of a little one, and keeping house. So you can totally do this.


The Craftaholic

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