Collage Podge Workshop Series-Sneak Peak

by thecraftaholic

Here’s a sneak peak for an upcoming ONLINE Collage Workshop Series!

I’m so excited because it means that you will be able to learn collage work basics with me, The Craftaholic!

My workshops are and always will be a fun mellow atmosphere, where you can learn collage art basics, no matter what your skill level.  If you’re curious about collage, and want to move beyond scrapbooking and cardmaking, then this is just the thing for you!

This is for a workshop series, where you can learn from me all about collage work.

Make your own hand bound collage art book!
This workshop will teach you the basics of collage art journaling!

You will learn collage art basics, and apply them right along with me. I’ll teach you how my own book binding method, AND how to take your scraps of paper and turn it into a beautiful collage book.

Make this a vision book, a dream book, a wish book, or just a book of collage art. Either way, you will have fun, and learn to make a book out of recycled materials!

You don’t have to make something like what is pictured here, in fact I encourage you to create your OWN artistic statement!
I will be there, guiding you along the way.

This is a series of 10 weekly episodes, with me guiding you all along your collage art path! Fee includes everything you need to get you started including: papers, ribbon, chipboard and ephemera.

Upon paying for the class, you’ll be given a short list of items you should have with you for each class.

You will learn:

Week 1-The Basics

Binding your book

Collecting your clippings

Week 2-Picking your overall theme

Overlooking the basic collage tools

Journaling about your intentions

Week 3-Using Beeswax

Week 4-Using UTEE with Rubber Stamping

Week 5- Using Embossing Pens & Glitters to accent a collage design

Week 6-Painting your background

Week 7-Collaging your journaling writings & poems

Week 8-Photo transferring in collage work

Week 9-Creating a Picture with a Picture

Week 10-Creating a wish tree

More information to come!

The Craftaholic

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