Poems for New York City

by thecraftaholic

Here’s a few poems I wrote some years ago, inspired by the Big Apple.

The first one is called, “City of Sadness

Busy sidewalks

salvation armies that march


for rain

horses tired

pass me

sad lonely trees in the


sad little leaves fall

city of sad leaves and

parking lots

dirty coins on dirty sidewalks with

black gum

holiday season



preachers preaching of

ill fate

air so cold

the birds have frozen wings

frozen n flight

frozen in time

like they remember

when life was simple

when people were happy

city of sadness

now only poor long faces

dark and dreary

“oh wasn’t like so simple then….”


oh city of sadness

once upon a time

life was simple

when people were few

when everyone knew god

when my abuela graced my home

when she

mothered me

clothed me

fed me

now only I, a bastard child

I drudge on

now storms destroy

now anger kills

and rage lives on

and no one knows god

oh city of sadness

your attraction is your curse


so that one there, is just me venting about New York City in the winter. It’s about what I see, through living in NYC.

This next one is litterally me sitting on the F train, writing about the people I see. Jim Morrison used to do this, and I do it as well. When you’re in a writing slump, I highly reccomend going to a public place, and just writing about what you see. You’ll be suprised what comes out!

It’s called, “F Train

reflections on a graffittied window


stained with coffee

strangers appraching god

with a

cautious je ne sais qua

oh fearless leader, show me the way!

the stench of urine and cigarettes

I think the conductor is smoking again

babies crying

my offspring sleeping

people shouting at robots and engine parts

all the while I’m

dancing with the wind

shuffling about in a

lady like manner



creep about

mouth closed

sealed shut

while my offspring slumbers

here’s my stop.


The Craftaholic

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