Clay Jewelry-Variations

by thecraftaholic

SO I promised I’d give you some more ideas on making clay jewelry, and I will.

When making clay jewelry, you can use all sorts of things to add texture to your air dry clay jewelry piece.

You can do all sorts of things! Like make buttons.

I made these with the cap of a baby food jar, and used my Sizzix embossing folder for the texture! Just put the piece cut out, inside the embossing folder, and press on it lightly. It’s that easy!

Another item of interest is using small cookie cutters, and then the same embossing folders to make a pendant such as this lovely piece

I added texture to this piece using an embossing folder. For shine, I used Mod Podge’s Dimensional Magic. I love that stuff.

Oh, and this necklace and the buttons, are both for sale in my shop.

The truth is you can add textures and shapes to self hardening clay (for jewelry making) with all sorts of things! Look around you! You don’t need expensive clay molds. Find things with textures and interesting shapes.

The Craftaholic

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