A Batch of Hand bound Books

by thecraftaholic

I just finished making a batch of four more hand bound books.

I made a few last week, and the sold the same hour that I had put them up!

These are for sale in my online shop, through my website.

These are two Frida Kahlo journals. I also made a couple other ones.

You like them? These are for sale, in my shop.

Today, I’m really going to get going on these Xmas presents! I made the cosmetic pouches, and now I’ve got to sculpt the pendants out of clay, which will end up in a pretty necklace.

Then, the men, I’ve decided, are going to get a nice container with my famous chocolate chip cookies in it. That sounds good, right? I will probably make a bunch for everyone to have a gift.

And that’s it!

The Craftaholic