POEM-Lessons of life, and other ramblings

by thecraftaholic

Today I wrote a poem. It’s been a while since I blog any of my poems, so I hope you don’t mind this little poem I wrote. It gets dark, I warn you. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

This poem is called, “Lessons of life, and other ramblings”





catch the train

pay the rent

smoke a cigarette and think about the weather

mechanical creatures that sleep in the night, we are


It happens.


It’s some sort of lesson, some sort of…

greater good

is teaching me

to just


they sleep at night and don’t bother to think about

the consequences

of blackness

of sadness rendered unto me

I lost what was mine

to a choice ill made

now I have no choice

but to live my life

the best I can

and choose to be happy

because what else is there?

no one

no one

no one

NO ONE can take



from me.

Lessons of life

they come in small orbs

in between sips of coffee and menstrual pain

I see illuminations of

what will be

whilst still, they lie there snoring

through it all

And I laugh like a mad woman

laughing at the possibilities

laughing at what is

and what will be

what could be

and what I will make happen

lessons of life:

I can complain

and complain

and complain about things and nonsense

about the past, and it’s shadows

about the future and it’s worries

and life itself will pass me by

and by

and by

and it will not wait for me,

as I sit and worry about tomorow

as I sit and become bitter about the past.

life keeps going

things keep moving

so I

keep going

and I keep moving

and I choose

my future.

because I


and I choose to create