Glitter + Textured Paint = Bliss

by thecraftaholic

Today I finished a fun crafty item.

Plaid crafts makes a fun item you may or may not be aware of : Texture Paint.

I was so excited to work with this product. Here’s the photo, before I go on rambling about it.

Oh, I have to tell you. I loved making this. I used a bit of blue folk art paint (also by Plaid), and mixed it with the textured medium. Then, I applied it on, like paint, waited for it to dry, and then LIGHTLY sprayed some spray adhesive over it, and sprinkled some glitter in TWILIGHT by Art Institute. Then, the flowers are just silk flowers from the dollar store (if you can believe it). It’s that easy!

The frame is also by Plaid. I think you can find them at Walmart or Michael’s.

Here’s a close up:

and, so you can see what the paint looks like, finished:

You see? It’s gritty and grainy. I LOVE this stuff!