Two Charm Bracelets, two styles

by thecraftaholic

Recently I had a workshop where we made charm bracelets from stuff we already had lying around. Here’s the one I made.

You like it? I love it because almost each charm tells a story.

The red mushroom there is from a necklace I bought myself when I was single. It is about 15 years old. The Sun is from a set of pendants I bought myself some years back, with a necklace. I liked it so much, I bought a set for my mom and mother in law.

The little buddha is from a “lot” of charms that I bought a while back on etsy. I still have a bunch of them.

The fairy is from a set of earrings I never wear anymore. I bought them when I left the church, while I was doing my own spiritual seeking.  The owl is from a necklace I got from a swap, but didn’t really care for. But I loved the beads that she used a lot, so I saved it. The owl is from that necklace. And of course, because I love owls.

The spiral thing represents the sacred spiral of life.

The turquoise teardrop is from the first job I got when I got married. I was working for a bank, and celebrated by buying myself a real turquoise necklace.

The amber teardrop is from a job that I had in Brooklyn Heights, here in Brooklyn. It was a very stressful job, and I happened to see these jewelry makers selling their work on the street. So I bought it in a set, as a pair of earrings.

AND it inspired me to finish a charm bracelet for a “Marie Antoinette” swap that I’m in on craftster. Here’s a few shots of that.

I made charms out of shrink plastic, using “Character Construction” stamps, that had the face of Marie Antoinette.

You can see the it here.

A birdcage, a cake, and pretty leaves.

You think she’ll like it?

The Craftaholic