All Hallow’s Eve

by thecraftaholic

Halloween candy. of course.

Trick or treating with daddy (I made her halloween costume this year! YEA!)

Isn’t she cute? Yes, I made the outfit! I sewed it myself from some fleece blankets purchased at a discount store.

My little baby! She’s getting so big. Holy moly.

Momma and baby. I went as a Native American Princess, because I frankly procrastinated with the costume making this year, so again I shlepped something together. Last year I was Frida Kahlo. This year, a native american princess. Next year, I am going to plan ahead!

Daddy also shlepped his costume. It’s a robot head.

So that was our halloween! We got lots of candy, lots of treats, and a lot of fun. What did YOU do this halloween?

The Craftaholic