TUTORIAL: Paper Mache Beads

by thecraftaholic

Today I thought I would post my OWN method for paper mache bead making. I wanted to make my own a while ago, and scoured the internet for a tutorial.

I did find one, but the person requires you to make the base of the bead with wet paper mache, when I was always taught that paper mache has a DRY base.

So here’s my tutorial. It’s easy. VERY easy.

The first thing you are going to need is:

newspaper. Lots.

Mod Podge.

A bucket or bowl

a foam brush

Folk Art Brand Craft Paint (by Plaid Crafts)

So, the first thing you will do, is tear the paper into long strips.

You’re going to need two separate batches.

The first batch of strips will be dry.

Then, you’ll need a smaller batch of WET strips.

Now mind you, they don’t need to be super duper soaked for days, like most instructions give. But they do need to be soaked in water.

Next, go to the dry strips and crumple it into a ball shape.

Then, paste the wet strip over the crumpled ball, with mod podge. Be generous. For this, you’ll need your foam brush.

What I did, to let them dry, was put them on the shiny side of some wax paper.

Once they are dry, get an awl (a book binding tool) or a good long sharp needle, and poke a hole in it.

What I did, was string them on wire, then I painted them with folk art brand paint.

Give them a good two coats or so.

Then, when it’s dry, go over it with a bit of mod podge, to give it some shine.

That’s it! You’re done!

You may have found popular websites make you create a WET base, but true paper mache is made with a DRY base, not wet. Or else, you’d have a heck of a time waiting for it all to dry! I know I did, when I attempted these with a wet base.

The base of this is the crumpled up ball you made in the first place, so if you want a larger bead, use a larger base.