Stitch and Bitch Lunch with Debbie Stoller

by thecraftaholic

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being invited to a book release party with Debbie Stoller.

It was so much fun! Although I am not a fan of cold cuts, I did have a lot of fun and it was so awesome to meet Debbie Stoller. It’s alwasy wonderful to meet a person who works in the craft industry, who is down to earth, and doesn’t think her poo doesn’t stink.

I thought I’d share some pics with you.

My stash. I love this color for this time of year, so I’m making a hat for my little one. I think I’ll have enough to make a flower on the side, and ear flaps.

Debbie was talking about her book, what inspired her, and about the contents of the book: the patterns, the stitch work, etc.

There she is, posing for me. She’s a very sweet person! It is so refreshing to meet someone who is so accomplished, yet so down to earth. You’ve gotta love that.

Today has been designated as the Halloween decoration day in our house. I LOVE halloween. I wasn’t allowed to celebrate it as a kid (due to my parents being very religious), so when I had my daughter, I went nuts with halloween! It’s so fun! Free candy!

The Craftaholic