Inspiration Thursday

by thecraftaholic

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

What can you do? What can’t you do? We post limits on ourselves, repeatedly. Time after time, we think, “oh, I can’t do that” or “Oh, I’m not ___ enough for that”.  Limits. And then, to further add to our limitations, we then label ourselves.

Granted, as humans, we like to be able to identify ourselves as one thing or another, thinking “I’m a _____, or a freelance _____.

It’s interesting to observe animals and animal behavior. If you do, you’ll notice that animals do in fact, coexsist with each other. Why? Maybe it’s because they are not so preoccupied with labeling themselves and making their beliefs divide them from other animals. Did you think about that? Did you think about maybe trying to let your differences aside, so perhaps you can live at peace with others? Or, do you just flaunt your differences, attracting only those who are just like you?

Unlike animals though, we have the ability to move beyond just exisisting. We have the ability to truly live, and truly savor life. I say savor, because it’s one thing to scarf down a piece of chocolate cake. It’s another thing to take your time with each bite, truly SAVORING each and every bit you take, then being able to taste the different elements within a chocolate  cake, that make it so delicious (I don’t care if you are a health nut, chocolate cake is chocolate cake, dammit).

So we should savor life. Move beyond what you think you can do. Move beyond what you think you can do, and go into that dream of yours that you think is unattainable.

What is something that you find intimidating, or difficult to accomplish?

For me, drawing was always something that I found TOTALLY intimidating. You have to understand: my husband is a classically trained artist who attended the “FAME” school! So you know…I didn’t think I could do it.

I really didn’t.

But then I started looking thru my old sketchbooks. YES. Sketchbooks, like as in drawing, but before I met Jose (my DH). I realized…I may not draw in HIS style, but I do draw in my own way, in my own style.

My point is, you may not do things in the style of a magazine, or your favorite artist….but you have your OWN style.

Here’s a challenge for you:

Go beyond what you know today. If you did in fact read my post last week and went ahead and made your journal, you’ll be using it today again.

Here’s a writing prompt for you:

I feel limited in __________ because of ______________.

Now, I want you to think about something. The only thing that is truly limiting you, is you. Obstacles can be overcome, but we are the ones that put limits on ourselves.

So, go beyond the excuses; because that’s what they are-excuses.

Make art. Go beyond what you think, and just create.

Just for today, do something different. Go beyond yourself.

The Craftaholic