Apple & Pumpkin Picking (and burnt hair, too)

by thecraftaholic

We went apple and pumpkin picking today, with my parents. Going anywhere with my parents always proves to be quite the adventure as they are an old fashioned couple and are sometimes cranky (which proves to be great for story telling).

But here’s more pics.

My dad and Dakota.

Did I mention I also almost burnt ALL my hair off?!

Holy moly. We were at my parent’s house, and my mother had the “wonderful” idea to put a burning candle at the corner of the top of the stairs. So me, with my poofy hair, walking my daughter down the stairs, of course did not see it burning. So I ended up frying my hair. YES. Good thing my dad came and took the fire out with his hand!

Or else, I’d be writing this with a wig on my head……

The Craftaholic