Canvas, Primed and Ready

by thecraftaholic

I am prepping at the moment for the Maker Faire, for which I have a little booth of my own! I’ll be doing book binding demos, having workshops, and selling a few of my handmade wares.

I prepped everything already! Can you believe it? The only thing I have left to do, is make my table sign, and a pocket apron thingie so that I can hold pens, pencils, and cash of course.  Both of them are going to be made from canvas, since a while back, I had bought some yards of canvas fabric. Here’s a sneak peak at what it looks like so far.

That’s going to be my table banner. When my hubby gets home, he’s going to help me figure out what to paint on it!

This is going to be my pocket apron thingie. I’m going to sew it up, and add some ties to it, so I can tie it around my waist.

The end result: my lovely manicured hands are full of paint. Ohwell.

Will post pics of the end result, when they’re finished!

The Craftaholic