Junk Journal

by thecraftaholic


“”Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”


Not forgiving someone gets you nowhere. Not moving on only keeps you stuck in the past.

Revenge is NOT worth jeopardizing your happiness and your future. Revenge. It comes from a place of non-forgiveness. Move on. I know a woman who chooses not to forgive the very people that also hurt me in the past. I moved on. I chose to forgive, and move on. What happened? I found happiness, and I’m following my dreams.

What happened to her? She never found true love, and is frankly very annoying to be around for too long, as she becomes very cranky and negative all the time.

Mind you, I’m not saying you’ll have similar results as mine. But one thing is for sure: it’s better to forgive than to feel anger and hate.

Making art helps a lot in the path to forgiveness. While you wonder what’s going on in your head, or why you’re thinking the way you do, work on a project. When you feel that pain and that hurt, work on your art. Concentrate on the colors and the patterns, and become one with them.

Afterwards, you’ll notice you won’t feel that pain anymore, or at least not as concentrated. This is when you should journal. Write or draw, whichever comes more natturally to you. Do it. Write it. As you do, start letting it go. If you don’t know how, say a prayer. Let go. Make Art.

Last night, I made what I’m calling a junk journal. I call it this, because it’s pages are vintage ephemera and cards and such that I had laying around.

Pages from a vintage children’s book, and pages from a vintage crochet magazine.

Recycled envelope, and a vintage NYC postcard.

watercolor paper.

A pretty envelope, and lined papers. Unlined watercolor paper follows on the back:

So that’s that. If you like this book, you can buy it from me, on my etsy shop.

Today is Sunday, and my parents are coming over to visit. That means no art making today, as I must clean up my apartment and make dinner. It’s pasta for dinner today. Maybe I’ll be nice and make some banana bread. It’s perfectly cold outside, which is very nice for baking.

The Craftaholic