Day 365: One Year at a Glance, and a Contest Winner

by thecraftaholic


“Selfishness of mind causes ignorance, anger, and passion — which are at the root of all the troubles of the world.”

-The Dalai Lama

Selfishness! How annoying it is to come across a selfish person. You know the type: all they do is talk about themselves, they don’t ask you how you are doing, and when you need a favor, they disappear in plain sight.

These above mentioned emotions are ones that are quite strong. They are hard to break out of. But it’s best to not let the emotions get a hold of you in the first place. Right?

Let it go. It doesn’t matter. It only adds grey hairs to your head. Put your faith in your own brand of spirituality. And let it go. It doesn’t matter. Truly.

Anyway, today marks ONE YEAR in my search for my creative “force” I guess you can call it. I started this quest to find my creative style, and see where the journey would take me.

It’s taken me pretty far. Pretty far, indeed.

Day 1

That was my first project that I blogged about on Day 1. That project is a hand bound book that I made, using CD cases as the front and back cover.

I wanted to share my thoughts, and be deep and poetic about how I’ve grown, but I got nothing. I’ve been staring at the computer trying to put into words how I feel about my quest!

I did start this blog in 2007, shortly after my daughter was born. I started it, so I can keep a record of all the crafty things I’ve done. I also wanted to carve out a path to my dreams, and part of that meant starting a blog.

At any rate, I’ve grown. I can tell you that. And while I did enjoy blogging every single day, I have gotten to the point where I am SO busy, that I am happy to get the chance to take my time, and blog…not so much every day.

I do have to say that I recommend you get crafty every day. Do something creative EVERY DAY. And follow your own path. Don’t follow other people or get sucked in by silly cliques and things. Don’t follow. Make your own path.

I also SHOULD just mention who won my contest! YES, I think I should!

And the winner is…….

Nancy Pechinski!

So Nancy, to claim your prize, just email me at thecraftaholic at gmail dot com for details!

And don’t worry, I’ll have more wonderful giveaways, thanks to the folks at Plaid Crafts, and my wonderful need to make things at craftaholic speed (there’s a reason why I call myself The Craftaholic…).

I hope you all will continue to read my blog and see my continuing creative journey into my creativity.

The Craftaholic