Day 364: Bottlecap Alphabet Magnets

by thecraftaholic


“We find that between the past and the future there is an extremely thin line—something that cannot really withstand analysis.”

-The Dalai Lama

It just means that we live our lives very close to the past and the future. But the truth is, we live in the now. Or at least, we should. Life is short on this earth. While we walk the earth, we should keep in mind, how close we really are to the past and future. We are close to it, but not there. Don’t live your life focused too much on one or the other. Bitterness comes from living in the past too much, and worry comes from living in the future too much. That’s my thought, anyway.

Today, I made something really cool!

I saved some bottlecaps from my daughters apple juice containers, and little jars of “NAKED” juice that I buy sometimes, and made a magnet set that spells out her name!

It’s easy.

Make sure you clean them, first.

Then, if you want, you can paint them. I used Apple Barrel Brand Paint by Plaid Crafts (in blue).

Then, get some pretty scrapbook paper. Trace and cut circles, then glue it with a glue stick.

Then, in coordinating paper, stamp out your child’s name. I used the Typewriter alphabet by All Night Media, by Plaid Crafts.

After that, go over it inside, with some Dimensional Magic, by Mod Podge.

Then, let it dry, and apply the magnet backs with Art Institute Glue.

That’s it! It’s easy peasy and so cool looking.