Day 363: Simply Screened Tote Bags

by thecraftaholic


“At the moment when strong feelings of anger arise, no matter how hard one tries to adopt a dignified pose, one’s face looks rather ugly.”

-The Dalai Lama

Oh my goodness. This actually sort of made me laugh out loud. It’s true, right? It’s like when your loved one made you a really nice dinner, and the poor thing didn’t make it to your liking, or something. And try as you may to hide it, you just can’t. You can’t help it.

It’s a good thing to find a dignified way of being honest with a person. It’s also nice to be able to not take things too harshly. It doesn’t always have to be a blow to the ego. Right?

Today, I played around with some new Plaid Crafts products. I’m still getting acquainted with it, so forgive me if the finished product does not look that amazing.

So the product I played with today, is called “Simply Screen” and is so totally cool! It’s the process of silk screening, but instead of meddling with, or having to make your own screens, you can use their already designed screens to create art with it! It’s cool.

They have so many different paint colors, and it really is easy. Today, I was just getting aquainted with it, as my husband has the weekend off, and those weekends are saved for baking, and family time.

This is one tote bag I made.

It’s so easy! What I want to do with this one, is dye it, after I heat set it. I didn’t have a chance to, since I got home to bake cookies, and go out with my family, to visit my in-laws.

Here’s another one.

Nice, right? They actually have a lot of designs, so it makes it easy to find one that works with your personality.

I’m excited to see what other cool things I can do with it!

I’ll post a tutorial on it, one of these days soon. I’m really busy lately with a few projects I have going on, but I will. I have a whole bunch of jewelry swaps, so I have a fun project coming up that involves lots and lots of newspapers and Mod Podge. I also have another one that involves apple juice bottle caps and magnet backs. So fun! And recycling.

Anyway, that’s that. I’ll be announcing the contest winner soon! You’ve only got a couple more days! It’s my one year search for my creative force, and it’s almost over! I’ve found it, of course. I’ve been with this blog a lot longer than that. Since 2007, actually.

I’m eternally grateful to whichever muse lies in my home, spreading inspiration to me to move forward, and keep it going. I’ll be honest. Sometimes I felt like giving up. When I’d go to an event, and no one would show. Or, when I’d try a new medium, and felt like I failed.

The truth is, there is no failure, just times when things haven’t gone the way you planned it. Everything in life happens for a reason, and life is not always what you think it is. Instead of allowing something to consume you into a negative place, allow the harships to become your strength. Let the difficult places in your life teach you, and fuel your creativity. It’s from the deepest hell on earth that I’ve written some of my best poems.

That’s life. And life keeps going and going, and the world keeps turning. The sun comes up and the moon goes down. Life moves on. So move with it. The animals grow, plants grow, nature grows…so grow with it. Go with it. That’s what I’ve learned so far.

The Craftaholic