Day 359: A Matchbox Filled with Earrings

by thecraftaholic


“But when the individual is able to fully experience this clear light, he or she is on the way to true liberation and full enlightenment.”

The Dalai Lama

So today, I’m going to translate yesterday’s poem.

Again, it’s called

I dreamed I was an Owl

In another life

In another time

I saw the Owl

I saw her

In the desert, alone I was

In a land that never saw daylight

she spoke to me

gave me a


an a rosary

In another life

In another place

I saw myself on the highest


But still in the desert, was I

On the highest mountain top

with the sacred, shaman owl

with arms raised in a V

I stretched them out

and became

the sacred

the shaman

the owl

So this poem is actually a reoccuring dream that I have. When I wake up, I can still feel the wings on my back, and I can feel what it is like to fly like a bird. It’s so surreal that it gave me a love for owls quite deeply.

Anyway, this poem really to me, highlights what the Dalai Lama spoke about.

You’ll notice I didn’t blog yesterday. That’s because I went to my friend Yoshi’s house, and quite forgot about the time! She has a little girl who’s ten and loves my daughter. My daughter didn’t want to go home, she had so much fun! And I had fun too, of course. Yoshi has her own craft room, which is quite nice. I ended up getting home late, and had to take a cab home, because I was too tired.

Anyhow in all the rush I forgot my camera! I could not believe it, my life is my camera. So the pics here are from my hubby’s camera phone. You’ll forgive the low-res pics.

I made these earrings last night and this morning. These are for a swap, of course. I love making jewelry because it’s such functional art, you know?

Anyway, the swap is one that I hosted, where you get a matchbox and dress it up, then fill it with five pairs of earrings. I wish I could show you the box, but the computer software is giving me grief. So, when I find a way to import the pics again, I’ll post them.

The Craftaholic