Day 358: Altoid Tin Fairy Box and a Poem en Español

by thecraftaholic


“According to tantra, the ultimate nature of mind is essentially pure. This pristine nature is technically called “clear light.”

-The Dalai Lama

Clear light. wow. The one thing that makes me think about this quote, is a reoccurring dream that I have often. It is actually what made me love owls so much. It’s in Spanish, sorry. I will try to translate it, tomorrow. It’s called:

I dreamt I was an Owl

En otra vida

en otro tiempo

Yo vi a la lechuza

lo vi

en el desierto, sola

en la noche que no cambiava ha dia

me hablo

me dio un cigarillo

y un rosario

En otro tiempo

en otra vida

me vi, yo

en una montaña altisimo

Pero en un desierto, si la monaña

con magos

con lechuzas

y la lechuza shaman

Alze las manos

y me converti

a la lechuza


la lechuza majica

Y haci


So that’s that. It’s a poem about me, and owls. What can I say, I dream of owls.

Anyway, today I got crafty (and chatty) with a friend of mine. We made these cute fairy boxes out of altoid tins. Check out some shots.

A messy workspace, because that’s how I roll.

This is Leann. She’s lots of fun, and a great listener. I was QUITE the chatterbox today. QUITE. But I always am. Back when I was dating, I’d tell my first dates, “you’re never going to have that awkward silence with me”. Because truly, you won’t. I like to talk.

Opening a package of fantasy fiber, by Art Institute. OMG. Love this stuff. I do.

This is what we made. Mine is on the right. I used the “Dazzlers” glitter by Art Institute glitter, and their glue. Actually, not just because because I’m a guest designer for them, but I really love their glue a lot. It’s strong, and it dries quick. Anyhow, here’s the insides of mine:

I’m not sure if I’m done with it. And yeah, the glue was still drying. I wanted to catch the perfect shot, with just the right sunlight, so there it goes. I used the Art Institute Fantasy Fiber for the top background, and some dollar store fake moss for the bottom. You like it? I do. It’s cute, and simple.

Oh, and here’s a tip for you. Instead of buying blank tins, just recyle your old altoid tins. I lined the embossed lid with chipboard, to make it a flat surface to work on. And yes, Art Institute Glue works best!

Actually, I was thinking of how fun it would be to make a hole bunch of these, as little rooms, to make a whole “house” of altoid tins! Wouldn’t that be something?

Tomorow is Labor Day, and my husband is working. So I’m off to my friend Yoshi’s house, to get crafty and catch up on some swaps.

The Craftaholic