Day 352: Shrink Plastic Charm Bracelets, with friends

by thecraftaholic


“We should reexamine our own attitude toward others.”

-The Dalai Lama

He was saying this meaning that we should not be quick to blame others. But it could mean lots of things, really. I think it’s so important to bring back the feeling of community into our environment. It’s not just for those of you who live in Wisconsin or Texas. Even those of us who live in L.A. or New York should.

I started my craft group years back because I wanted to bring back that feeling of community and a sense of no judgement within the creative community. No judgement. No competition. Just creative people being creative.

Yesterday, I had two meetups. You’ll notice I didn’t blog yesterday. That’s because my students got here late and left late, then it was dinner time, bath time, and bed time for my little one, and I had no time for my dear blog.

Anyway, a few shots.

That’s Margarita. She made the most awesome pair of avant garde earrings!

That’s Nancy. Can you believe that she has SIX children? Holy moly! I have ONE and I am practically going nuts. I could only imagine. She’s my hero! And she has a HUGE rubber stamp stash. Woah, dude. That’s very cool. Honestly, if I could, I would have ten. But alas, I live in one of the most expensive cities in the world, and am married to a regular guy.

Anyway, here’s what we made.

That’s Nancy’s. Nice, right? She made the little flowers from a cookie cutter, then made a whole in the center, and made a “center” for the flower out of wire. Cool, right?

That’s Margarita. She’s an artist (meaning she can draw and paint and stuff). So she used her own drawings instead of rubber stamps. What a cool job she did, right?

And this one is mine. I used the Buddha stamp that my husband has made for me, the sock monkey from stampin up, butterflies, teacups, and typewriter font by All Night Media by Plaid Crafts. The word I made spells out “DREAM”. I put that word a lot in my stuff as a reminder to reach and aspire for what I want. And to always dream.

So that’s that. I also taught a sea glass jewelry class, I’ll post about that one tomorrow.

I have two swaps to finish up today so I can send them out tomorrow. One of them is for a sock monkey swap, and I didn’t do as good a job as my partner did, so to make up for it, I thought I’d make her a sock monkey photo album, and some charms. Plus, I’m throwing in extra socks.

The other one is for some lino cuts, I love that.

And I lost my voice! And today is my anniversery! Hubby and I have been married for seven years today. It seems like only yesterday we were stressed out planning our wedding.

The Craftaholic