Day 350: An Afternoon of Embroidery

by thecraftaholic


“With a mind of impatience one can become a woman or man of action.”

-The Dalai Lama

The one thing that made a profound impact on me, and on my drive to succeed as an artist, was when I was watching Project Runway (season 3, with Jefferey Sebelia).

ALthough my favorite cast member was Jefferey Sebelia, both because he shares a birthday with my husband, and because he’s just cool, I did notice Laura Bennet. I loved the one thing she said: that she was not going to let her motherhood tarnish her drive to success as a designer. And yes, she probably has a lot more money than I do, and frankly that does make things a bit easier. But for her to have six children, and still have that drive to succeed…it made me think. My daughter was born the following year. When I had my daughter, I realized I can’t just sit around patiently. I must CREATE my success. I want to create success so that when I am old and grey, I can show my daughter all that I accomplished, after coming from a place where my childhood was unhappy, where I know what it is to suffer.

So this quote rings true. Don’t just sit around patiently waiting for success to come to you. You must demand it.

Yesterday, I had a fun afternoon at the King Manor Museum, teaching folks some basic embroidery! They walked away with a felt sheet, and a little bit of creative inspiration.

As always, I used DMC Threads. I love their threads! It’s great because it doesn’t tangle that easily, and believe me, knots are the worst when you’re doing needlepoint.

Here’s a few shots I took.

A table shot.

We had a wonderful time! The students were so nice, and everything was great.

Today, I have to buy supplies for a couple workshops I’ve got this weekend. We’re making jewelry! Jewelry making is so fun for me, because it’s light, and I don’t have tote around all this heavy crap on the F train.

That, and I’m going to the park with my little one.  What else? Tomorow my husband has the day off, yipee!

The Craftaholic