Day 346: Wool Felt, with friends

by thecraftaholic


“We should reexamine our own attitude toward others. Before pointing our finger at others we should point it toward ourselves.”

-The Dalai Lama

I can look within myself

instead of pointing

and looking

and accusing

I can just change



within myself

within me

instead of seeing what others do

and accusing others

of the mistakes you’ve made

Should we not just

seek the answers within?

So that’s that. Yesterday I held a workshop at the Brooklyn Bead box. We made the wool felt beads that I’ve been making. It was fun! We chatted, and worked with the wool roving. So much fun! Although no one wished to be photographed, I still got some good shots.

Here’s what I made.

Nice, right? I realized in that one of the swaps that I’m in on swap-bot, my partner is my personal friend! Cool, right? This necklace happens to be her favorite colors, so as much as I love this necklace, I’ll be sending it to my friend. Here’s some pics of the action yesterday.

I only wish that my workspace were as big as this, and that I had that many tools and supplies. That’d be nice.

So that’s that! What is on the spectrum today? Not sure. I normally have to catch up on emails and such on sundays, but luckily, I did that already! Yipee! So I’m unsure. Should I visit my parents in NJ or should I just stay home and make art with my little one? Hmmm. Well I am still not sure. I do have a couple things to catch up on. But it’s supposed to rain Tuesday and Wednesday too, so maybe I’ll visit my parents. We’ll see.

The Craftaholic