Day 344: Cooking Up Some Soap!

by thecraftaholic


“I believe that the search for Truth will continue and will grow even keener as we make greater material progress.”

-The Dalai Lama

What is truth, really? Hmm? I guess we all sort of think we know what it is. But I agree.

Anyway, today I taught a soap making workshop. We made hot process soap, which means we cooked up the soap. It was so much fun! Here’s a few pics:

Yes, we used vegetable oil. Yes.

My friend Amy.

My friend Yoshi, the superstar. She brought her daughter along, since I had to bring mine. They played together the whole time, and so much fun! And she helped, by washing dishes. I detest dishwashing. I think hell is a place where you have to wash dishes and there aren’t any towels to dry your hands.

And sorry, I forgot to photograph the finished product! I got so caught up in soap making and teaching!

Anway, that’s that. I got some AWESOME swaps in the mail today! So friggin awesome! First I got some sock toys for my little one, which were SO COOL. Then, I got a couple pairs of VERY cool earrings! So cool! I’ll photograph them them tomorow.

What else? Oh man, I have another workshop tomorow too. Holy moly! But at least to that one, I will be child free. I love my mongoose, but it’s nice to have some time to be child free sometimes, you know?

The Craftaholic