Day 337: A Card Making, Tea Blending Day

by thecraftaholic

I’m leaving today quoteless because I have a lot to say just on my own. I mean, that I have a lot of joy for today, just on my own. Or something.

Today is a pensive day for me. I went to teach a few workshops today, and on the way there, I started to think about this one year journey into my creative self. I’ve learned a lot.

I would have never thought that in one year, I would be designing for a company such as Plaid Crafts, or DMC Threads, or that I would have blossomed so much into my art and my creativity. But I have.

People often ask me how it is that I do all that I do creatively, and still raise a child, and do the domestic things that need to be done. The truth is, that one must make a choice to be creative. You must make a choice to make yourself a priority. As a mother, you sometimes feel guilty making your art a priority-almost like you need to neglect yourself to care for those you love. But the reverse is true. A mother must make herself a priority so that she can be a better example to her children.

With all the issues and all the problems I encounted with my mother growing up, the one good thing she did was go back to school. When I was about 6 or so, my mother when back to school. She did this because it was something that she needed to do, not only to empower herself, but to empower and enrich her family. Sure, it may have been hard for her at first, leaving me. But two things occured with her doing this: number one, my father learned to bake bread, and enriched me with a passion for baking and cookery. And number two….I admire that about her. I admire that an immigrant woman who spoke very little english, actually went to college. And made the dean’s list. And worked hard. And succeeded. I like that. I admire that.

On that note, I did some crafty things today. I made a card before my workshop, because I was bored and got there early.

The workshop I taught today, was a tea making workshop. I forgot my memory card on my camera! Darn it all! So here’s the finished product.

So that’s all for now. More on today’s events tomorrow, since my little one is here, and I miss her.

The Craftaholic