Day 323: A Wool Felt Bead Bracelet

by thecraftaholic


“What irritates us in the first place is that our wishes are not fulfilled. But remaining upset does nothing to help fulfill our wishes.”

-The Dalai Lama

I had a dream

a long long time ago

I dreamt that I saw a bird

perched on a ledge

and he gave me

the secret to happiness

and I

sat there, deaf and dumb

hoping to pursue

the thought of a dream

and yet, I

I wilted

like a flower with too much sun and

not enough water

i wilted.



all of the sudden

the rain fell

and the sun came out

and I


to pursue

my heart’s desire

(so as to set an example for my offspring)

Today, I made a wool felt bead bracelet, for a workshop that I’m teaching in August.

This is a two strand bracelet, because I mostly wear bracelets and earrings.

You like it? This is for a workshop at the Brooklyn Bead Box, in August. Sign up, if you’re in the area!

Anyway, that’s all for now. Today we’re off to governors island. I’ve never been there, so this should be fun! Will post pics tomorrow.

The Craftaholic