Day 319: A Day in Central Park

by thecraftaholic


“Laziness will stop your progress in your spiritual practice.”

-The Dalai Lama

Recycled again, sorry.


don’t want to

I just want to sleep


let things come to me

and uhm, when they don’t


can blame it on you, I can

and just




Yesterday, I had some surgergy, to take out something from my lady parts, that shouldn’t be there. They were causing me a lot of pain, and making me think things that weren’t true (if you know what I mean). So I didn’t do anything crafty, except work on my crocheted garland on the train, on the way there.

The surgery itself was a minor procedure, but anytime someone has to put me to sleep to take something out, it’s major. I went home the same day, and afterward, we took a walk thru Central Park. Here’s some shots I took.

That’s Echinacea, right?
So then, after that we got ice cream. And Empanadas in hell’s kitchen. Yum.
Today, I have to buy some supplies for a couple swaps I am in. Then, maybe I’ll go to the Playground with my little one.
The Craftaholic