Day 315: Thrift Shop Pendant Rings

by thecraftaholic


“We are not well equipped to be aggressive beings. Even the size of our mouth is very small.”

-The Dalai Lama

I think this one is recycled. Inspired by my husband’s poem today, I decided I too, would write some poetry.

I have a

small mouth

but I can open it wide and


with my mouth open and my arms raised, I doth protetst much.

But then I wonder….

I think about my actions…

I think I

acomplish more with my mouth held shut and my hands quick to work


shows who I am louder than any word can say

anyone can boast about being one way or another

but only the hands at work

show who you truly are.

Today, I made some rings. These days, I don’t really wear short necklaces. I mostly wear long beaded necklaces. So I had a bunch of pendants in my jewelry supply box that had no chain, that I had saved for a long time. Today, I decided to make some funky rings out of them. I really need some new jewelry, and especially rings.

It’s so fun! You can go venture out to the thrift store and find some cool jewelry that you love, and make the pendants into rings! Then maybe use the chain for another project.

You don’t really need a tutorial for this. All you need is some ring blanks, and some E-6000 glue, along with some pliers to cut of the loopy thing off of the top of the pendant. Just gently go back and forth with it, and it will come off.

Here’s what I came up with:

The one on the left was from a necklace I wore ALL the TIME. The one on the right used to be my mom’s. It’s real silver and turquoise, because those kinds of things are important to my mom. It’s also vintage from a yard sale.

What else? Not much. I have to run out and find some supplies for a few workshops that I’m teaching this weekend. And then, my daughter has a playdate. UUfff! I am so busy today.

The Craftaholic