Day 313: A Cupcake Matchbox

by thecraftaholic


“We can only become detached by realizing the true nature of things.”

-The Dalai Lama

This is more of a follow up on yesterday’s thought. Being detached doesn’t mean that we don’t love, it means that we don’t cling. It means that we understand that things can leave as quickly as they come. That’s the way things are, this is the way life is. When my daughter asks me why a movie is over, I tell her: because everything has a begining and an ending. That’s life. The sooner we understand this, the sooner we can attain peace.

Today, I made a little cutesy something. It’s a cupcake themed matchbox. Actually, making this made me crave a cupcake intensely. That’s not true. I’ve been craving them for a couple days now. This little matchbox is for a swap that I’m in. Here it is:

I filled it with buttons, and stickers and things. I hope my partner likes it! The template is from swap-bot itself, though I am sad to say I am too lazy and too in a rush to look for it now. Sorry. I’ll post it tomorrow, I promise.

Today is an ordinary day, filled with laundry, and a quick trip to Ikea. These days, my daughter loves going there. She likes to go to each room and pretend. It’s kind of cute.

And I plan on finishing a knitwear project tomorrow, and will blog about that. Oh, I am so excited for it.

The Craftaholic