Day 310: Another Crocheted Garland

by thecraftaholic


“If a person has a calm and stable mind, this influences his/her attitude and behavior in relation to others.”

-The Dalai Lama

Again, let us be like the tree, strong and stable, rooted in our beliefs, rooted in ourselves. This of course, means that we must delve into ourselves, and discover who we truly are.

Rumi talked about silence and being still. This is the sure way to discover yourself. You don’t have to take a vow of silence. You can silence the chatter in your life. Watch less tv. Think more. Listen more.

Today, I brought out a project I am eternally working on. It’s a crocheted garland. I am almost finished with it. I’m taking it with me on the train. We are going to visit my parents today.

So that’s all. I’ve got to rush off.

Hope you like it.

The Craftaholic